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The Clergy Recovery Network exists to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery. If you are a pastor, missionary, religious professional--or a spouse of one--and you need help . . .welcome home. We have been waiting for you.

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We welcome you to our site and our hearts. Make yourself at home! Are you struggling with life, marriage or ministry and you are a ministry professional, spouse or someone who loves one? This site is for you. Real humans and real solutions await. Simple fixes and pat answers are scarce but you will find insight, grace and hope.  Read Disclaimer, go to Finding Help or click here to contact CRN.

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Featured Article: 

Where There Is Smoke . . . 

Gifted Bible teacher, powerful Christian personality, author, theologian, nationally recognized speaker, radio voice for a large Southern California Christian University and Senior Pastor of an historic church are roles and descriptions aptly worn by the man I served for 12 years. I was his Associate Pastor. Even though he was often on the road, he led our congregation through multiple crises and a move to the suburbs out of downtown Los Angeles. He led us in expansive numerical growth at our new campus as well.


He was also a pastoral counselor. Periodically men and couples sought his counsel, but mostly he counseled women. The same women. Some were members of the church’s support staff. Their age varied. All were younger than him. One was a minor who looked to him as a father and called him “Dad”. Exchanges of public affection were common. He was a hugger; they collected theirs. He hugged everyone. If observant, one noticed these ladies giving him adoring looks akin to worship. Often after an evening service, one of these counselees could be seen walking up the side of the first balcony of the 4000 seat auditorium to a private meeting with him in his office on the same level of the building. His wife and children drove home without him. Where there’s smoke . . .

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